Plant Care and Beauty Tips

Plant Care and Beauty Tips Plant Care Tips Don't underestimate the value of the right amount of light for plants. Although a plant may not show the effect of too little light right away, in time decline is unavoidable. Most plants, with the exception of cacti, like lots of humidity. To raise humidity around plants, put them on a tray of wet gravel. Put enough gravel in the tray so the pots won't sit directly in water. As flowers fade on blooming plants, clip them off to direct the plant's energy toward growth and flower production. Often, heat or dry conditions can cause plant foliage tips to turn brown and dry out. If this occurs, use scissors to cut off the browned tips at an angle. Remove the plant from the heat source and water as needed. If your plant has a pest problem, it's best ?in terms of effectiveness and safety ?to contain the pesticide. Putting plastic around your plant takes care of both concerns. After several days, remove the plastic. Plant Beauty Tips To keep houseplants shapely, give their pots a quarter turn every time you water. For a curvaceous plant, prune off any wayward or misshapen stems. Large, smooth-leaved plants frequently collect dust. Wash or wipe away dust to keep the plant attractive ?and to keep it photosynthesizing at its best! Hairy-leaved plants such as African violets also collect dust. Because moistening the leaves can cause unsightly spots, remove dust with a small paintbrush or by blowing it away. To maximize the aesthetic appeal of your plants, try matching plant to pot. Long, lean leaves look great in a slim pot, whereas wild, untamed plants really shine in a more generous pot. Also be sure to consider plant placement before choosing a pot. Sleek textures are classy for inside, while roughly textured, sturdy choices work well outside.

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